Poetry by Madison Randolph

I sat in a shop drinking a cup of coffee.
The scene outside the window is cars driving to and from.
The weather isn’t cold but the air conditioning creates a chill.
Heat from the cup stings my nose and my tongue weathers the bite.
People around me create background noise.
The pen in my hand remains stagnant.

The clock on the wall ticks forward and the coffee drinkers are stagnant.
Light coffee, medium coffee, black coffee.
No one is ordering but the machine continues making noise.
Black coffee fills my mug, yet it’s not where the bitterness is from.
Alone at the table, but there is no bite.
The patron’s voices raise and they need to chill.

The steam from my cup begins to waver and it grows chill.
This moment won’t stay yet the emotions created are stagnant.
A group walks by the window composed of friends whose words contain no bite,
They pass by without stopping for coffee.
I wonder where they’re headed from.
The pen rests on the notepad without a noise.

Feelings began to bubble up but she quieted the noise.
Back to the silent and chill.
There, the emotions needed to stay where they came from.
Staying in the same place isn’t stagnant.
My mug is almost out of coffee.
The ambiance of the shop had of me a bite.

I picked up my pen back up for my poem homework to take a bite.
The instructions felt like a bunch of noise.
There wasn’t enough coffee.
The class needed to chill.
My education is stagnant.
There are multiple colleges I could get my degree from.

I don’t know where to go from.
Time to leave for a bite.
I shouldn’t live in stagnation.
Quiet at home away from the noise.
A place I can draw a blanket against the chill.
Maybe I can make another cup of coffee.

Maybe I wouldn’t feel stagnant at a new college to get my degree from.
New people to meet for coffee and a bite.
Then there was all the noise, the homework, and I have no chill.

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