Aluu Prosper is  a multidisciplinary self taught visual artist
creating mostly within the field of paintings, drawings and sculpture.
Aluu is from Afikpo north, in Ebonyi state,Nigeria. Born on 14th August
1999, he attended Nigerian Navy secondary school Akpabuyo Calabar
and Federal university of technology owerri. He lives in the oyigbo Rivers
Ken Kakareka grew up in Pennsylvania and earned a BA from Saint
Joe's University in Philly. He's the author of "Late to Bed, Late to
Rise" (Black Rose Writing, 2013). Ken's work has appeared in Lost
Lake Folk Opera Magazine, Ink & Voices, Conceit Magazine,
Spontaneous Spirits Magazine, DoveTales Journal, Amulet Magazine,
HASH Journal, and Route 7 Review. He has work forthcoming in
Gargoyle Magazine and The Vital Sparks Journal. Ken lives in
California with his wife-to-be.
William Hayward was born in Birmingham, England. He has been
writing for several years, mainly in short fiction. He has been
previously published in  White Wall Review, Underwood Press, Welter
at the University of Baltimore, and Emerald City review.
Thomas Osatchoff, together with family, is building a self-sustaining
home near a waterfall. Recent work has appeared in BEATIFIC
Magazine, the Curator, The Vital Sparks, and elsewhere.
Marco Etheridge lives and writes in Vienna, Austria. His short fiction
has been published in Canada, The UK, and the USA. Recent credits
include: Coffin Bell, After Happy Hour Review, In Parentheses,
Thieving Magpie, Ligeia Magazine, The First Line, The Opiate, Cobalt
Press, Literally Stories, and Blue Moon Review. His non-fiction work
has been featured at Jonah Magazine, The Metaworker, and Route 7.
Tufik Shayeb's poetry has appeared in numerous publications,
including Potomac Review, Sheepshead Review, The Menteur, Lost
Lake Folk Opera, Madcap Review, Heyday Magazine, Blinders
Journal, Muzzle Magazine, and others. To date, he has published
three chapbooks and one book titled, I'll Love You to Smithereens.
Currently, Shayeb resides in Phoenix, Arizona.
Amy M. Young is a gardener, a poet, a painter, and one of those
people who enthusiastically sings along with the car radio (even with
the windows down). She teaches Global Cultures and English
Composition at a college in Houston, Texas.
Christine C. Fair is a professor within the School of Foreign Service 
at GeorgetownUniversity where she study political and military events 
of South Asia. her books include. In Their Own Words:  Understanding 
the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba (OUP 2019); Fighting to the End: The Pakistan Army’s 
Way of War  (OUP, 2014); and Cuisines of the Axis of Evil and Other Irritating 
States (Globe Pequot, 2008). She has  published creative  pieces in The Bark,
Lunch Ticket, The Dime Show Review, Clementine Unbound, n Awakenings, 
Fifty Word Stories, The Drabble, Sandy River Review, Sonder Midwest, Black 
Horse Magazine,  Furious Gazelle, Hyptertext, Barzakh Magazine and Bluntly
Magazine among others. Her visual poetry has appeared in Awakenings, 
pulpMAG, The Indianapolis Review, and Typehouse Literary Magazine.
Harrison Pyros is a Political Science and Economics student at UC
Santa Barbara. He is originally from Los Angeles, but spent time all
up and down the west coast, including the Pacific Northwest. His
writing focuses on satire, social commentary, and quiet dramas, and
his previous work has appeared in The Santa Clara Review, Furrow
Magazine, LandLocked, and elsewhere. His work can be found at
Radoslav Rochallyi (born 1 May 1980 Bardejov, Czechoslovakia) is a Slovak 
philosopher, writer, and poet. The author finished his studies in Philosophy 
at the Faculty of Arts of the UNIPO and completed postgraduate Ph.D. studies. 
Rochallyi connects poetry with mathematical and physical equations. In the
PUNCH experimental poetry collection, in addition to mathematics, he also 
used chemical formulas and musical notation as the basis of poetic form.
 Sofiya Levina is a Russian-born embroidery artist. She bends idiosyncratic 
characters and abstract environments to represent her internal worlds. 
For the past 5 years, she has been working in Los Angeles and NYC.
 Find her work on insta: @44sofiya website:
Lavinia Roberts is a visual artist and playwright. Her work has been
displayed in gallery spaces in NYC, NY such as The Parlor, The
Brooklyn Fireproof, Frontrunner Gallery, Agnes Varis Art Center,
Arts@Renaissance, Diana Kane Gallery, and others. She has done
artist residencies at the Arts Students League at Vyt (Sparkill, NY),
The Center for Books Arts (NYC, NY), The Charlotte Street Foundation
(Kansas City, KS), The Midwest Dramatists Center (Kansas City, KS),
Newnan ArtRez (Newnan, GA), onelove NOLA (New Orleans, LA), Paul
Artspace (St. Louis, MO), Escape to Create (Seaside, FL), Salina Art
Center (Salina, KS), Surel’s Place (Boise, ID), Urban Glass (NYC, NY),
and Wassaic Project (Wassaic, NY).
Dmitry Blizniuk is an author from Ukraine. His most recent poems
have appeared in Poet Lore, The Pinch, Salamander, Willow Springs,
Grub Street, Magma Poetry and many others. A Pushcart Prize
nominee, he is also the author of "The Red Fоrest" (Fowlpox Press,
2018). He lives in Kharkov, Ukraine. Member of PEN America. Poets &
Isabella Kim is a high school student attending Seoul International School i
n South Korea. Her hobbies are listing to music alone in her room while 
drawing. She is currently working on her portfolio for university
Ellie Ko is a Sophomore attending Hong Kong International School. She is 
currently working on her portfolio for university. She loves to express herself 
in several mediums but is currently making a series in acrylic paint.
Nathan Cho is a sophomore attending Youngsan International School. He is 
currently creating his portfolio to attend a university in America. His current plan 
is to major in architecture.
Elyse Thomas is a 17-year-old, second generation Puerto Rican and Jamaican
 writer from Miami, FL. She  has been recognized by The Poetry Society, Alliance
for Young Writers, the Poetry Society of Virginia, It's All  Write, the National English 
Honor Society, and Just Poetry. Her work is published or forthcoming in Foyle 
Young Poets, The Poetry Society of Virginia, The Bridge Bluffton University Literary 
Journal, Polyphony Lit,  Gyroscope Review, Alexandria Quarterly, and more.
Srinivasan Chari comprises over a decade and a half of the farreaching
exposure in content areas, writing from features and
editorials to the humongous world of corporate communications
tools. He has been consummate with crafting Advertorials, Press
Releases, Presentations, Authored Articles, Business Writing,
Content Writing and Development, and so on. He has been proactive
towards contributing to Corporate Organizations and Publications;
besides, his involvement in Public Relations, Press & Media
Communication, and Co-ordinations, and so on, for NGOs and
Institutions. An Activist/ Writer Works have been published. A Fiction
“Me- Blue Magic” Also, published in a Literary Magazine in North
Carolina, USA. A Creative- Critiquing Essay – “Cow On The Ice”
Stephanie Park is a freshman attending Milton Academy
in Massachusetts. Her other hobbies include singing and drawing.                                                                  
She is currently beginning her writing portfolio for university.
Brian Eckert plans to complete an MFA in Poetry and the Appalachian
Trail before pursuing a career in higher education. He is currently
studying for a Master of Liberal Arts at Johns Hopkins University. His
poems have been published in places such as Think Magazine, The
Red Cedar Review, and Case Reserve Review.
Cassady O’Reilly-Hahn is a poet with an MA from Claremont
Graduate University. He is a managing editor for Foothill: A Poetry
Journal that highlights graduate student voices. He also works for
AudioEyes, a company that describes TV and film for blind viewers.
In his free time, Cassady writes Haiku for his personal blog,
orhawrites. This work can also be found on his Instagram
@cassady_orha. Cassady currently resides in Claremont, California,
where he can be found flipping through fantasy novels in a cozy
recliner on the weekends.
Michael Thompson is an artist from Chicago who has spent most of
his time in quarantine working in his home studio of fake postage
stamps, collage and memory jugs.
Brett Thompson has been writing poetry since his graduate days at
the University of New Hampshire where he earned a M.A. in English
Writing with a concentration in poetry. He has been published in
various journals, including Plainsongs, Tilde, District Lit, The Literary
Nest, and the Peregrine Journal. He teaches and lives in New
Hampshire with his wife and two young daughters.
Ben Macnair is an award-winning poet and produced playwright 
from Lichfield, Staffordshire, in England. Follow him on Twitter @benmacnair.
Rachel Racette, born 1999 in Balcarres, Sask. I have found a love in
writing characters and creating new worlds. I have always loved
books of fantasy and science fiction as well as comics. I have been
published in The Spelunkers: A Chipper Press Anthology, Route 7
Review Issue 8, and Underwood Press' The Purpled Nail.
Ben Schulman is a writer who lives in Memphis, TN.​​​​​​
Ann Huang is a Chinese-born, Mexican-raised and US-based author,
poet, and filmmaker who published four award-winning collections,
most recently a Shaft of Light . Her lyric poetry speaks of a dreamy
state of being by melting present into its past and future, with
surrealistic gestures permeating space and time across multiverses.
Ann is also the visual arts editor for NewFound Journal. She lives in
Newport Beach, California. Visit her poetry site at; and her film site at​​​​​​
Kenneth M. Kapp was a Professor of Mathematics, a ceramicist, a welder, and an
IBMer until downsized in 2000. He taught yoga until COVID-19 decided
otherwise. He continues writing, living with his wife and beagle in
Shorewood, Wisconsin. He enjoys chamber music and mysteries.
He's a homebrewer and runs whitewater rivers. Please visit
Allison Cundiff is a teacher and beekeeper living in St. Louis.​​​​​​​
Whitney Wright is an author and student at UTPB.​​​​​​​
Kate Wise is a wonderful poet and a thankful human being. ​​​​​​​
Shannon Devlin is a high schooler who has been seriously 
writing for two years. She enjoys experimenting with poetry 
and pushing the bounds of structure.​​​​​​​
Tara Thiel is a North Dakota based writer and photographer. She describes her
work as recontextualized nonfiction. Her art and stories examine the
fragility of life and temporality of man-made objects. She is a US Navy
veteran, a Southern transplant to the Midwest, and a Visual Artist
pursuing an ALM in Creative Writing & Literature. Her work has been
published in anthologies and journals including Twyckenham Notes,
Variant Literature, Blue Mountain Arts, and Inkwell Journal
Meredith Lindgren's work has appeared in Progenitor Art & Literature Journal, 
Toasted Cheese Literary  Journal and Gateway Review. She graduated Summa 
Cum Laude from Metropolitan State University of  Denver with a bachelor’s 
degree in creative writing.
Peter Trainor has bee writing for over ten years but has not submitted any material 
until recently.  He has had one short story accepted for the next edition of Penultimate 
Peanut magazine. He was born in Belfast,  Northern Ireland and has lived in various 
countries around the world. he is interested in stories of people  forging new paths 
in unfamiliar places, and the consequences of that choice. He is influenced by American 
writers much more than Irish ones, especially Marcy Dermansky, Lorrie Moore, 
JD Salinger and Truman Capote.
Michael Aguilar is a student at UTPB​​​​​​​
Ann-Marie Brown is a Canadian artist working in encaustic & oil. She
is currently working out of a studio on the far west coast of B.C., in
the company of rain & bears.
Maureen Hammond is currently a student in Southeastern
Pennsylvania. Aside from a busy schedule of studying at school and
throwing on her school's track and field team, she enjoys wasting her
time on the internet and writing fictional nonsense.
Ashley Rae Hernandez (known as Parker by friends) is a Houston
based multidisciplinary artist currently completing her BFA at
University of Texas- Permian Basin. Originally from Pasadena, TX,
Hernandez was an active member and supporter of the Houston local
music scene and created flyers for several bands and venues across
Texas. Her confidence and skill organically progressed as she moved
from flyers to lithographs, paintings, photography, and video.
Hernandez’s adoration for color and storytelling is evident and
credits inspiration to such artists as Emil Bisttram, Agnes Pelton and
Hilma af Klint. She enjoys being able to manipulate color in her
photography as well as the theatrical aspect of stop motion videos.
At the end of December 2020 Hernandez moved back to her
hometown of Houston. Currently, Hernandez is preparing to graduate
in May 2021 with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art.
Ali Masoudiis a Middle-eastern musician who previously 
published at Panoplyzine.
Carlos Hiraldo is a poet and essayist who has been teaching English
at CUNY for the past 20 years. His first poetry collection "Machu
Picchu Me" appeared in 2016.
Karen Mandell's story "Edge of Doom" is forthcoming from Notre Dame 
Review, and her poems have most recently been published or are
 forthcoming in Common Ground Review, Sylvia, Channel, Buddhist 
Poetry Review, Poeming Pigeon.
Ramon Jimenez, is a Mexican writer and educator who
resides in Seattle, WA. He teaches language arts and runs a summer
youth poetry program. He writes poetry that focuses on immigration,
culture and travel. He is interested in exploring locations and how they
connect to memories. His poems are published in Rigorous Magazine
and the Anti-Languorous Project.
M. Ait Ali was born in January, 1992, in Agadir. A Moroccan writer and
poet, who finds in words and poetry a total escape from the
depressive realism one encounters in his everyday life. Poetry and
writing for him are both a passion and a therapy capable of taming
his demons. since childhood, he had a weakness for both reading
books and writing, and his love for words developed into a daily
obligatory passion, which is definitely a sort of relief and progress. M.
Ait Ali tries through his writings to speak the woes that the broken
ones endure silently. He earned in 2016 a bachelor's degree in
renewable energies and energy efficiency at The Higher School of
Technology-Agadir, (EST.) along with a diploma in advanced French.
His works have been published in Silly Linguistics, The Tipton Poetry
Journal, Variant Literature Inc, Carcinogenic Poetry, VirgoGray Press,
Rigorous Magazine, Nebula Adnauseum Magazine, Alien Buddha
Press, Rogue Wolf Press, Spillwords, and A dove for peace
Arthur Kwon Lee is a Korean American painter whose gestural mark
making harmonizes expressive color palettes with world mythologies.
His work has won awards from George Washington University, the
Korean Artists Association, the Corcoran Gallery of Art and most
recently the inaugural title of 'Artist of the Year' by the Eileen
Kaminsky Family Foundation. Lee draws inspiration from a broad
range of sources including Jungian psychoanalysis, local religious
traditions, and his lifelong commitment to martial arts. As stated by
Daniel Weiss (President of the Metropolitan Museum of Art), "Arthur's
paintings display a level of mastery that is rather unprecedented for
his age, he is blessed with a talent that pays tribute to our history."
Arthur Kwon has been published in The Korea Times, Hyperallergic,
White Hot Magazine, Art Market Magazine, Art Verge, Create!
Magazine and a number of reputable critics in the New York
metropolitan area. 􀀀􀀀Prior to developing a love for painting, Lee was
a Division One athlete who placed in the US Tae Kwon Do Nationals
for three consecutive years. Lee has carried this martial intensity into
his artwork where it translated into large-scale works and a diversity
of dynamic brushstrokes. The resulting compositions attest to an
artist who uses his entire body to paint symbolically evocative works
that contain oblique references to archetypal myths from around the
world. Luminous colors, gestural expressionism, and philosophical
acumen bring a refreshing sentiment to art that draws our sometimes
compartmentalized and fractured times into a synthetic,
representative whole.
Jeff Fleischer is a Chicago-based author, journalist and editor. His
fiction has appeared in more than sixty publications including the
Chicago Tribune's Printers Row Journal, Shenandoah, the Saturday
Evening Post and So It Goes by the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and
Library. He is also the author of non-fiction books including "Votes of
Confidence: A Young Person's Guide to American Elections" (Zest
Books, 2016 and 2020), "Rockin' the Boat: 50 Iconic Revolutionaries"
(Zest Books, 2015), "The Latest Craze: A Short History of Mass
Hysterias" (Fall River Press, 2011), and the upcoming "A Hot Mess:
How the Climate Crisis is Changing Our World" (Zest Books, 2021).
Robin Vigfusson’s stories have appeared in Glassworks, Meat and
Tea,, Foliate Oak Literary Journal, Windmill, Lou Lit, Jewish, Feminine Collective, and other literary magazines. Her
first collection of short stories will be published by Main Street Rag in
Juheon (Julie) Rhee is a 15-year-old student and is currently
attending International School Manila. During her free time, she
enjoys reading Agatha Christie’s mysteries and hanging out with her
friends. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in K’in
Literary Journal, Indolent Books, 580 Split, Lunch Ticket, Cleaver
Magazine among others, and has been recognized by Scholastic Art
and Writing Awards and Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Programs.
Jon-Alexander is half Mexican and was raised in Antioch, Illinois, just
outside of Chicago and Milwaukee, by his Mexican-immigrant mother.
He grew up with a fascination for literature, film, and television. He
spent six years in the United States Army as Military Police while
attending Illinois State University where he majored in Creative
Writing. His passion for the entertainment industry was realized
during his deployment to Guantanamo Bay where he worked detainee
operations. He started working as an intern with Park Artists Group
and Aperture Entertainment before moving on to Sheree Guitar
Entertainment as an Executive Assistant in January 2020.
Vincent Bao does  Long exposure photography at Monaghan’s Sandhills 
State Park with light painting (Nikon D500- Sigma 18-35 f1.8 HSM).
Peter J. Houle, born in Vermont in the 70s, has been living in Europe
for years. He liked how Portuguese sounds and how Lisbon looks, so
he settled there over five years ago. You can find him at the twice-a week
 flea market selling things that he finds on the street or makes
himself. He hasn’t published anything yet, but recent constraints
have inspired him to write more and more. He likes cats, obviously.
Joan Dantes is a writer who lives in New Mexico. Most of her
professional work has been on the stage though lately she finds that
the written word is the best way for her to explore more than one
character at once. She has no pets or plants but she has a husband
she is fairly successful at keeping alive.
Madison Welborne is a recent graduate of the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BA in English and minors in Creative
Writing and Speech Pathology. Currently, she works as a full-time
caregiver to her two-year-old and five-month-old daughters. When
she’s not writing or reading, Madison documents her life on YouTube
as a young mom living with chronic illness, through her
channel Madison also loves to
advocate for those with physical and mental illness. She has fought a
rare, chronic illness called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) her
whole life. It makes her go into anaphylaxis often—from triggers like
heat, exercise, and foods, to spontaneous anaphylaxis with no
apparent cause—and she often jokes that MCAS makes her “allergic
to the world.” She documents her struggles with this often debilitating
disease on her website,
Rachel Spraggins is a Junior at the University of Texas Permian
Basin studying English. Rachel enjoys hiking, baking and reading in
her free time.
Amira John Isme is a poet living in Ann Arbor Michigan. She spends
her time enjoying writing and photography. She writes largely about
her experiences living with Bipolar and DID.
Aliyah Hernandez is a first-year student at UTPB,
majoring in art. She made all four of these pieces this school
year, which was her first time using acrylic paint, adobe illustrator,
and adobe photoshop. She spent a lot of time and had a ton of fun
creating every piece even though she had never worked with mixing
paint nor with any of the software on the computer before.
Donald Guadagni was a foreign expert teaching in Taizhou University
and Ningbo City College of vocational technology as one of the first
foreigner experts involved in the Sino-US projects class programs
beginning in 2011. Prior to teaching in China and Taiwan he taught in
the Arizona public school system. Former iterations, military, law
enforcement, prisons, engineering, and wayward son.
Karli St. Louis is a freshman art student at UTPB. She has been 
drawing since she was a child. Her favorite things to do are draw and paint. 
She is hoping to learn more about art and find her own style through her college experience. 
Lucas Khan 7th grade Reading teacher and tattoo artist. He writes 
about the human condition and am battling Multiple Sclerosis. 
He believes poetry is meant to connect all types of diverse people
around the world.
Kelly DuMar is a poet, playwright, and writing
workshop leader who has published three poetry and prose
chapbooks, including her most recent, 'girl in tree bark,' published by
Nixes Mate. “All These Cures' is published by Lit House Press, and
“Tree of the Apple,” is published by Two of Cups Press. Kelly's
poems and photos are published in Bellevue Literary Review, Tupelo
Quarterly, Tiferet, Crab Fat and more, and her plays have been
produced around the US and are published by dramatic publishers.
You can learn more at
Janet Jiahui Wu is a Hong-Kongese-Chinese-Australian visual artist
and writer of poetry and fiction. She has published in various literary
magazines such as Voiceworks, Cordite Poetry Review, Mascara
Literary Review, Rabbit Poetry, Plumwood Mountain Poetry, foam:e,
Tipton Poetry Journal, Eunoia Review, Yes!, Gone Lawn, SCUM,
Poetry & Covid, and so on. She currently lives in South Australia.
Jon-Alexander Genson is half Mexican and was raised in Antioch, Illinois, 
just outside of Chicago and Milwaukee, by his Mexican-immigrant mother.
He grew up with a fascination for literature, film, and television. He
spent six years in the United States Army as Military Police while
attending Illinois State University where he majored in Creative
Writing. His passion for the entertainment industry was realized
during his deployment to Guantanamo Bay where he worked detainee
operations. He started working as an intern with Park Artists Group
and Aperture Entertainment before moving on to Sheree Guitar
Entertainment as an Executive Assistant in January 2020.
Vickie Tran is a full-time art student attending UTPB for her BFA.  She really
enjoys all the studio courses she has taken so far. Her favorite course was
Intaglio and Ceramics!
Alyssa D. Ross was born in Guntersville, Alabama, but spent over a
decade in Northern Virginia. She holds an MFA from George Mason
University and a PhD. from Auburn University. She currently Lectures
in creative writing, composition, and literature at Auburn University.
Her work has appeared in Shanti Arts Quarterly, Meat for Tea, Hawaii
Pacific Review, Gravel Magazine, Dime Show Review, The Paddock
Review, The Healing Muse, New Limestone Review, and Alternating
Current Press, and others.
Ellie McFarland is a student at Barbara Ingram School for the Arts in
Western Maryland. She has been published in (Candle, Mirror)
Magazine, and in various economic and political publications. When
she isn't writing poetry, speculative fiction, or doling out her hot
takes, she can be seen on various East Coast bike trails and
snuggling with her adorable cat, Bessie. 
Camille Newsom is a middle school science teacher in Colorado
Springs, CO. She finds inspiration for her creative work in the joys
and challenges of teaching adolescents about the mechanics of the
Therese Pokorney is a poet and writer from Chicago, Illinois. Her works have
been published in Wingless Dreamer's Heartfelt Poetry Collective and
Issue 8 of Not Very Quiet. She is a recent grad from the University of
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she studying journalism and
Lisa Wright is a (very) amateur photographer who loves to explore the hidden
shapes, angles, and light in everyday objects. For work, sheI writes SEO
blogs and content. For fun, she likes to cook, bake, read, and watch British
crime and panel shows.
Coco Spencer is a mixed-media artist with an emphasis in analogue
collage from Oakland, CA now based in Chicago, IL.
Makenna Wilson is a  UTPB Junior with concentration in Arts and
Krysta Mayfield is an English major at UTPB.
Jeshua Noel is a writer and undergraduate student in the English BA 
program at Hannibal-La Grange University. His academic writing has been
published in the International Linguistics Research journal, and his
creative work in Puerto Del Sol.  He lives in Hannibal, Missouri with his
girlfriend, Madi, and their two unlovable cats.
Anthony Alas is an eight-times published author. His works have
appeared in the Pacific Review, In Parentheses, Scribble Lit, Inlandia,
and Azahares Magazine. After several years in New York City, Mr.
Alas now calls California’s Inland Empire home, again. He holds a
Master's degree in English literature, from CSU San Bernardino.
Abigail St. Clair Thomas is a writer based in Los Angeles. Abigail
spent years working under writer Alan Ball (SIX FEET UNDER, TRUE
BLOOD, AMERICAN BEAUTY). She went on to work as a writer’s
assistant to Nancy Oliver (SIX FEET UNDER, LARS AND THE REAL
GIRL) on Angelyne for UCP. She has worked as editor to the print and
online art publication CRUSH, where her writing has been featured.
Most recently, she has been published by the Underground Writer’s
Association. Abigail is currently developing her pilot, RAT ASSASSIN,
with Nancy Oliver.
Jesus Rodriguez is an Senior English Education Major with a Minor of
Multicultural Studies at UTPB.
Adekola Olalekan Harun is a writer, a poet, and a nature photographer,
who sucks at writing bios.
Nicholas MacDonnell is a writer and teacher living in Kansas City, Missouri. 
Adrian Gonzalez is a Mexican American, of immigrant decent. He has been 
shown reasons why his family left behind their whole lives and left Mexico to
come to the United States, in search of a better life and opportunity
for their family. He is the product of sacrifice, he owes all his
accomplishments to his family, and he seeks to express that in this piece.
Born to a Mongolian mother and an English father, Delilah Dennett
uses her nomadic rootlessness to encourage words to seep out from
her bark of soul like sap. She has previously been published in
Rigorous Magazine. She has also won the Arrol Adam's Poetry Prize
for her poem 'Morecambe Shores'. You can follow her on Instagram
at @delilahdennett.
Olumide Manuel's Poetry has been featured on or is forthcoming in
ARTmosterrific journal, Gigantic Sequins, Frontier Poetry, Feral
Poetry, Twyckenham Notes, Sublunary Review, and elsewhere. He
tweets @Olu_midemanuel
DeAnn Hansen  Loves whimsical things and places. She owns a small 
travel agency and will be graduating in psychology this April. She thinks 
photos and pictures can evoke feelings that cannot be expressed another way.
Timothy F Phillips is considered to be a naive artist with
a splash of realism. Occasionally he frames his vision of the artwork
with bright foliage through which the skies glimmer and the moons
glow in and evening hue. For him, the words of Grandma Moses rings
true. A primitive artist is an amateur whos works sell. Timothy
works with feelings, emotions, and imagination these are all qualities
and principle ingredients in the creation of. ( The Art Of Life With A
Splash Of Reality ) where the spirit will always prevail and art is first
and foremost an expression of his own faith in his abilities to create
simple beauty with a complex style.
Madison Randolph is a current student at UTPB who is working on
her her Bachelor's in English. She enjoys writing and spending time
with her family.
Anthony Acri is a Jesuit trained cartoonist and essayist who had his
life changed by seeing works of Italian genius and beauty like the
Deacmeron, the notebooks of Leonardo, and the Miss January pin up
girl for playboy 1981--an Italianate goddess named Patty Fairinelli.
Sixto Ocon is only an English major looking to improve his writing little by
little and that's about it.
Justin Christensen holds an MA in creative writing from Northwestern
University, where his instructors included Aleksander Hemon. He
previously interned with Susan Harris at Words Without Borders.
After 4 years of living, studying, and working in Hong Kong, he
relocated to Istanbul, where he has resided for the last 9 years. 
He is currently teaching at one of the oldest institutions in the country 
and moonlighting as an agent for Iris Literary Agency, based in Athens. 
His recent publications include:
Gale Acuff has had poetry published in Ascent, Reed, Poet Lore,
Chiron Review, Cardiff Review, Poem, Adirondack Review, Florida
Review, Slant, Nebo, Arkansas Review, South Dakota Review,
Roanoke Review, and many other journals in a dozen countries. 
He has authored three books of poetry: Buffalo Nickel, The Weight of
the World, and The Story of My Lives. He has taught college
English courses in the US, China, and Palestine. 
Mariana Erazo graduated from Midland College in 2020, and is now an
English undergraduate student at UPTB. She intends to pursue an
MFA after her graduation and strives to be an author and editor. She
has won three awards for her writing.
Ella Cashman is an avid reader, a creative writer, and a strong
believer in the Oxford comma.
Trina Gaynon's poems appear in Fire and Rain: Ecopoetry of
California and Mizmor Anthology, also recently in the journals
Buddhist Poetry Review, Essential, and 45th Parallel. Her chapbook
An Alphabet of Romance is available from Finishing Line Press. She
currently leads a group of poetry readers at the Senior Studies
Institute in Portland and participates in the Ars Poetica community
Serge Lecomte was born in Belgium. He came to the
States where he spent his teens in South Philly and then Brooklyn.
After graduating from Tilden H. S. he worked for New York Life
Insurance Company. He joined the Medical Corps in the Air Force and
was sent to Selma, Alabama during the Civil Rights Movement. There
he was a crewmember on helicopter rescue. He received a B.A. in
Russian Studies from the University of Alabama. Earned an M.A. and
Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University in Russian Literature with a minor in
French Literature. He worked as a Green Beret language instructor at
Fort Bragg, NC from 1975-78. In 1988 he received a B.A. from the
University of Alaska Fairbanks in Spanish Literature. He worked as a
language teacher at the University of Alaska (1978-1997). He was the
poetry editor for Paper Radio for several years. He worked as a house
builder, pipefitter, orderly in a hospital, gardener, landscaper, driller
for an assaying company, bartender in one of Fairbanks’ worst bars,
and other jobs. He resided on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska for 15
years and recently moved to Bellingham, WA.
Whitney Wright is a person and a submitter--but not of Bios. 

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