TB or Not To Be

Every summer, just before training camp,
Tom Brady makes his way to Düsseldorf,
where he receives half a body’s supply, or 0.75 gallons worth,
of eighteen-year-olds German blood.

Ms. Bündchen
always enjoys accompanying her husband,
seeing this as an opportunity to travel
and shop
in her ancestral homeland,
while reflecting on the possibilities, and the what ifs,
had her forebears not made it to Brazil
after Stalingrad,
knowing full well that a German model is only more enticing
than a Brazilian one
when we refer to cars.

This past year
the Brady Bunch,
lovely kids in tow, also
spent quality time in their various homes in New York, Rio, and LA
before making their way to Tampa Bay
for what will be Mr. Brady’s first season
away from the New England Patriots
and coach Bill Belichick,
with whom he played in 9 Super Bowls
and with whom he won 6 Lombardi Trophies.

Mr. Brady
doesn’t wish to discuss
much of his routine this off season,
saying he rather concentrate on the coming season.
When pressed on how he prepared for the start of his 21st in the league
and for playing at 43,
he smiled, “Lots of avocados.”

If Life Ends Soon, I Am Good, Thanks to You
(Sonnet 11 Years)

Buttery smooth
Warm and hot
Flesh to touch and to taste,
Slim curvy hand and tongue slide,
My morning rise.

After all the tooth shattering blows,
And leaping rat surprises on my chest
My life’s been good,
I have made love to you
So many times.

Your warm embrace,
My late reality,
The women of my dream
Each dawn smiles at me.
With Heart

One day soon this beating heart inside me will stop,
Any minute now,
Chances are 2%,
Doctors tell me.

Awake at night, this pain in my chest,
Not just for a past done,
Parents, lovers and friends lost gone,
My heart is too big,
About 1.3 centimeters.

How soon
Will this I join
The atoms of my past scattered?

Is Toy

Estoy in the valley
Voy a la hurry,
Gritando como un meaning
Una vez heard in silence.

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