Poetry by Therese Pokorney

becoming a saint is on my to-do list
next to liking cigarettes
to look cool in front of my friends
then i would like to shave my head
and say that i donated it or something
and maybe i'll get a PhD
so people call me "doctor"
or get a beautiful tattoo or piercing
so strangers think i'm artsy and tough
but if i have a bald head and tattoos that might be too much,
so then i'll just adopt a bubbly personality
and i'll be liked by everyone
people will call me a "free spirit"
yeah, that sounds good.
i'll become a poet laureate
and pulitzer-prize winner
then i'll backpack through europe
and i'll visit every country and speak a few languages
i'll be so cultured!
and my posts will get thousands of likes,
everyone will want to be me.
then i'll have to secretly convert to catholicism
and probably delete my instagram account
so people can light candles with my face on them
and ask me, with their eyes closed and hands together if i'll fix them.
of course i won't, but think of the attention!

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