Poetry by Makenna Wilson

Sometimes I imagine
What it was like
To die a death promised years before.
An ending that was put into motion years ago.
Nothingness happens to all,
But for you there is no peace.

I went outside
A concrete barricade
With black illuminated dimly
I look into the universe.
And see a flourishing woman in Athens,
A fading man in Brooklyn
Both staring into darkness.

But I think of you the most
I see you stand there,
And you morph into semi reality.

The droplets seem to tear
Into your skin,
And I see a figure melting.

You stand there
Skin teared,
Holding a piece of paper.
Folded into a crane
Red crowned, longevity incarnate.

Did you really believe in it?
In your youth you did what many dare not.
Petitioning certainty with little crease you made
Expecting so much of pressed pulp.

When I remember reality,
And I startle uncontrolled.
Natural light has already shone through
The slivers in between the barriers.
I go back to sleep,
And think of your protest once again.

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