Poetry by Brian Eckert

Your beard materializes in cumulus clouds
briefly blocking the beaming midday sun
before it bursts from your ethereal eyes,
gazing through my fleeting physical body.

Welcome back Walt,
it’s wonderful to be with you again
after this slow blurry year of addiction,
chemotherapy, near-constant suffering.

Radiate your energy into my diluted blood,
cleanse the cancers of apathy and hopelessness
and deceptive leukemia from my bone marrow
so I can resume chasing your uncontainable spark.

Float on into distant skies above another
wild kid monk seeking your sage guidance,
teach them to speak with the eternal breath
that sustains all poets’ shared bardic spirit.

I know we’ll meet again to sing
our shared atoms’ experience
and my voice will forever echo
the resonance of your even breath.

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