Poetry by Jiahui Wu

poems come     gushing like blood       through the birth canal
no one asks  why                no one         to make it retreat
  not even Newton                           the poems are wild
you shoot them but you cannot                   annihilate them all
you gather them up                  like a mother
and sew them                                          onto your baby's skirt
you look handsome in it      you say             these damn poems
on the hoses     
                       on the tarp      on the pavement
                                                                            on the sharks'
bloodied    fins
miles    and miles    and miles    of picket fenced              poems
the world's population                              exploding into poems
pornographic images   housed in the rising sea levels    sucked
      into poems
hair shed and dusted      at the hairdressers'  bed   collected into           
milk from your mother's breasts             condensed into a poem
cut wrists      broken  armrests      abandoned friends       poems
    poems     poems       late for the arrival    too early to be
  selected              waiting interminably  in the frugal hours of
the lamp      death of the poet
               mildew in the bread    poems
            laughing dog in the spread     poems
hazelnuts in the sedition    rising   morning   poems
            latest edition    last reprint   primal erudition    malicious
                 harpoon in the crotch    salute to the great leader  
led into the flag     poems
fled from the government    poems
bled to death in a cell   in a rich man's happiness   poems  rich
poems             beech poems    another batch of Australian
beach    poems
                   horns on the bull    mother on a rope  poems
poems in the dire straits   poems in straightjackets  poems  licking the hands of other poems     stinking                    poems
   poets in bronze    cast into the mould  of                      poems
                   English garden   poems
                   liberty  fraternity     poems
celebrity poems                                         indeterminacy poems
poems inside a poem                                poems without poetry
             pretty        petty      uncanny      dandy
belted poems  
   billboard poems
      old on the road poems
          cranes carrying building blocks poems         Sagittarius
                  brothers  broken bets    poems
                  dancers doodling debts  poems
         late to the wedding      the fired    wedding singer    poems
war  inside a tank   poems        peace inside a hole       poems
                 so many poems     somnambulant
what am I going to do
                                        with all these         amphibian   
      metamorphoses ?   
these wild      unruly     crazy     formless    casual    preambles ?
    nude    foetal 
                    dilations      without reason ?

birth                   birth                                         and more birth                                                                   
       without  end         never  kicking the bucket
              no other magic   
but life                                                                      in so many
                                                                         yet       perpetual
                                    randomly  chosen
words     towards                        
                                                                         the great beyond 
                             why                                                              .

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